Library On the Go troubleshooting

Why did I not receive the email letting me know that my hold item was available?

The email might have gone into a spam folder. You might need to add the email address,, to a list of safe senders in your email program.

AOL email users should follow these steps:

  1. Launch your Web browser, navigate to AOL and log in using your email and password.
  2. Click "Spam" in the left navigation menu to view the Spam folder.
  3. Select one of the blacklisted emails. The sender and email body are displayed.
  4. Click the "Show Details" link under the email's subject to view the full name and email address of the sender.
  5. Click the email address in the Sender section and select "Add Contact" from the drop-down menu.
  6. Type a first and last name and a phone number in the resulting window and click "Add Contact."
  7. Click the "Not Spam" button at the top of the window to send the email to the Inbox folder.

Why am I seeing the following message when I check out a Kindle eBook?: “Due to publisher restrictions, this book cannot be delivered wirelessly and must be downloaded and transferred via USB.”

Some publishers have additional restrictions on eBook checkouts. If you click the title in Library On the Go, you will see the Digital Rights Information at the bottom of the page and know ahead of time if you can use the eBook with the Kindle app.

I see that I’m able to download MP3 audiobooks and EPUB eBooks to my Kindle Fire, but I can’t seem to get the OverDrive Media Console app onto my Kindle Fire.  What’s wrong?

You probably need to make the following setting change on your Fire:

  • On the Kindle Fire home screen, tap the ‘Quick Settings’ icon on the upper right and select More.
  • Tap Device.
  • Turn on the ‘Allow Installation of Applications’ option.

I accidentally checked out an audiobook instead of an eBook. Can I return it early?

Audiobooks cannot be returned early. You'll have to wait until it expires. The exception is for users of the new OverDrive® Media Console™ v2.4 for iOS (iPhone®/iPad®/iPod touch®).

Why does nothing happen when I press the Download button to download an eBook onto my Android device?

There is some sort of glitch in the web address for Library On the Go. The Overdrive app on your device will send you to Try going directly to instead.

Why does nothing happen when I press the Library On the Go Download button while using my mobile device?

Some mobile devices do not allow downloads if the date and time settings are incorrect. Be sure the date, time, and time zone are correct. It's also possible that using an automatic time update setting will cause a problem

Why do I get a “user not activated” error on my Nook when I try to transfer an eBook?

The problem is likely that your Nook came preloaded with an Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) folder and because of this your ADE program won't recognize your device.

  1. Close Adobe Digital Editions.
  2. Go to "My Computer" (or the equivalent on your PC or MAC).
  3. Click on the Nook drive.
  4. Find and copy the folder ".adobe-digital-editions" to your desktop. Delete the file off your Nook drive.
  5. Eject and unplug the Nook from the computer.
  6. Restart Adobe Digital Editions.
  7. Plug the Nook to the computer.
  8. Adobe Digital Editions should display the Nook icon and prompt you to activate the device.  Go through the authorization process and then you should be able to transfer eBooks.
  9. If not prompted to authorize (be patient, it might take a minute or two), close Adobe Digital Editions.
  10. Go back to the Nook drive in "My Computer".
  11. Find and delete the "Digital Editions" folder.
  12. Eject and unplug the Nook from the computer.
  13. Restart Adobe Digital Editions.
  14. Plug the Nook to the computer.
  15. Adobe Digital Editions should display the Nook icon and prompt you to activate the device.
  16. Authorize the device.
  17. You can transfer books now!
    Thanks to Hoover Public Library for these Nook instructions.