Food Policy

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Food Policy 

Lincoln Library strives to create a welcoming, clean, and comfortable environment for the public. Staff and patrons must exercise care with food and drink on library property. 

Beverages and food are not allowed in computer areas. 

Beverages are allowed only in a spill-proof cup or screw-top container. Here are some examples of approved containers: 

Baby bottle, sippy cup, water bottle, screw-top container, travel mug, disposable coffee cup with lid

Food consumption is not allowed in the library, except in designated areas. In these designated areas, foods are limited to pre-packaged snacks, finger foods, or wrapped items that are odor-free and unlikely to leave stains, such as granola bars, nuts, and pretzels. Hot, smelly, greasy, messy, or sticky foods such as pizza, burgers, and/or fries, which might disturb others, are not allowed. For more information on what foods are and are not acceptable, please consult with a staff member for more details. 

Lincoln Library reserves the right to suspend the food policy for library sponsored programs. 

Unattended food and drink may be removed and discarded 

Patrons are expected to “leave no trace” of food/beverage consumption, cleaning up after themselves and disposing of any trash. Patrons who cannot adequately remove a food or drink spill should report it to library staff so that prompt action can be taken to minimize damage. 

Library staff reserves the right to ask anyone who disregards the above conditions to remove the food or drink from the building or leave the building themselves. This may result in food privileges being revoked and/or suspension from Lincoln Library property. 

Approved by Lincoln Library board 09/2018 

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