An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

An American Marriage is a story about two people in love, newly married, who are suddenly and harshly pulled apart by a corrupted justice system in the South. Celestial and Roy were visiting family in Louisiana when in the middle of the night, police break down their hotel door and arrest Roy for a crime he did not commit. Thus begins the story of their marriage, a heart-wrenching tale of unfortunate events, chaotic feelings, and coming to terms with the unfair and unforeseen circumstances of everyday actions.

This is a fantastic book, told via a multi-narrative format that translates beautifully to audio. The narrators speak as if they are their characters, full of feelings and emotions, with conviction and rawness. While the story of Roy and Celestial hurt my heart, I couldn't stop listening. This book is highly recommended for readers who enjoy multi-perspective stories and literary fiction.

Published by on February 03, 2020
Last Modified November 27, 2022