Beth & Amy by Virginia Kantra

Kantra has taken the two younger March sisters from Little Women and weaved a compelling, contemporary story. Beth is on the road with country music star (and boyfriend) Colt Henderson. But the limelight is too much for her and her health takes a toll. Amy's getting her business, “Baggage,” up and running in New York, but can't forget her time in Paris with longtime family friend, and sister Jo's ex-boyfriend, Trey.

Both girls embark on a journey home for Jo's wedding and find themselves missing their little hometown in North Carolina, and the family they have there. Amy continues struggling with stepping out from Jo's shadow, in regards to both her dreams and Trey, and Beth grapples with an illness and the need to live up to the expectations of everyone around her. While they are both fighting their own personal demons, the two women try to navigate their lives and where their future paths could lead them.

This was such an endearing, charming story about Beth and Amy! Kantra has given Amy such a fitting personality-- a strong, independent entrepreneur. Beth is redeeming and though she has her battles, by the end of the story she is finding solid ground to stand on. We even see some insights from the girls' mother, Abbey, as she has some self-revelations of her own. It was such a fun experience being able to read their stories with a modern twist!

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--Sheri, Reference Librarian

Published by on October 12, 2021
Last Modified March 25, 2023