Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Malorie didn't believe there was something out there at first. Her sister tried to warn her. Incidents of suicide and madness were popping up around the world but nothing close to home. Until their parents stopped answering the phone. Then there were cases occurring in their city. Finally, pregnant and scared, Malorie finds her sister in the bathroom in a pool of blood. Thus starts a frightening tale of unknowns and survival. In an attempt to find civilization with two young children in her care, Malorie takes to the the river to find a group who is self sustaining, and waiting for their arrival. But will they be able to make it, completely blind to the elements? Will the children be able to keep their blindfolds on? Or will the creatures get to them?

Bird Box is an atmospheric horror novel written in a quiet way that instantly gives the reader goosebumps. Malerman creates a dystopian world full of uncertainties that is completely original and addictive. Cassandra Campbell narrates the audiobook with hushed tones and a perfectly timed voice. This is a perfect book for readers looking for a subdued horror novel.

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--Sheri, Reference Librarian

Published by on October 05, 2020
Last Modified July 21, 2024