Blood Sisters by Jane Corry

Blood Sisters is an edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller that leaves you asking, "What really happened? But no, really, what happened…"

Alison has a secret. One so dark she lets it keep her from fully enjoying life. What is that secret? We don't know. She takes a job in a prison to get by financially-- and because she feels she deserves to be there-- but then she finds herself in trouble, with threatening notes claiming they know her deep, dark secret. Then there are chapters from another character's point of view: Kitty. Kitty was involved in some sort of incident-- an accident?-- that left her brain damaged. She lives in a facility, unable to speak proper words (they come out in jumbled mumbles) and can't remember life before the facility. But wait! Memories start to creep back from time to time... 

Finally we find out some of what happened on that day-- the day Alison decided she couldn't allow herself to be happy and Kitty forgot about life before brain damage. Or do we? This is the exciting part about this novel: the stages of finding out what exactly transpired that fateful day before school, when three girls in uniform stood in the road-- ending with one girl dead, one brain damaged, and one blaming herself. 

This novel was hard to put down because I simply had to know what happened. The ending is satisfying, with missed details and new revelations leading to all of the answers. If you like a good thriller/mystery, this should be your next book to read.

Published by on March 25, 2019
Last Modified January 21, 2022