Dracula by Bram Stoker

English solicitor Johnathan Harker is sent to Transylvania to finalize the purchase of a London estate by one Count Dracula. After a cold reception by the locals, and realizing there is something strange about the man and his rundown estate, he stumbles across Dracula’s true nature and is forced to flee for his life. He returns to London, only to find that Dracula has made it there first and already found his first victim: Lucy Westenra, the best friend of Johnathan’s fiance Mina. They, along with Lucy’s fiance and friends, band together to hunt down Dracula, drive him out of London, and finish him off once and for all (surprisingly, not with a wooden stake).

Bram Stoker’s classic is considered one of the preeminent works of horror fiction, creating one of the most iconic characters in literary history and inspiring over a century of fascination with vampires. It features strong characters and a fascinating look into scientific beliefs from Stoker's era.

For someone looking for a book about Dracula himself, this probably isn’t it. For most of the book, Dracula is more of a plot device than a fully developed character. The story also uses an older vernacular and is written in epistolary form, which could be a turnoff for some readers. For anyone who is a fan of classic horror, though, this book is a must!

Published by on July 22, 2019
Last Modified July 22, 2024