The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

In Ann Patchett’s most recent novel, Maeve and Danny's father decides to surprise his then wife with a mansion, known as The Dutch House. Overwhelmed, she flees the house, leaving Cyril to raise his children alone – until he marries Andrea. Thus begins the saga of the Conroy family, taking dips and turns into the distant and near pasts, circling back to the present. Answers are unveiled in time in this fictional drive through a family's darkest and deepest memories. Patchett has created a completely delightful story with this cast of ordinary characters, making them that much more interesting.

I loved listening to this novel. As narrator, Tom Hanks told this story of the captivating and enthralling Conroy family through Danny's recollections and experiences so perfectly that I really believed he was Danny. Patchett created a flawless relationship with Maeve and Danny and satisfyingly brought the novel full circle with Andrea and Danny. For fans of Literary Fiction and Family Sagas, this is a great book to listen to or read to fulfill your family drama desires.

Published by on March 09, 2020
Last Modified September 29, 2023