Everybody Counts by Kristin Roskifte

Everybody Counts is so much more than just a children’s counting book!  The colorful illustrations on each page portray a variety of people in both humorous and grave everyday situations.  Each picture counts an increasing number of people; four in a band; twelve at a birthday party; thirty in a park, etc., but this is only one aspect of the book.  There is also a clever puzzle to be solved.

The accompanying text provides clues to the backstories of the people pictured.  Readers paying very close attention will find several storylines happening throughout the book.  There is a tale of a lost toy, a love story, and even a crime drama hiding in the crowds.  Turn to the back pages for helpful questions and full explanations of each character’s motivations.

Illustrating that every person has a story which may not be apparent at first glance, Kristin Roskifte has created a truly entertaining counting/puzzle/picture book that can be enjoyed on multiple levels by all ages.

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-Brandy, Cataloging Librarian

Published by on September 20, 2021
Last Modified February 29, 2024