Hell's Bell by Keri Arthur

Witches Lizzie and Belle have been best friends since childhood, but now they are on the run from Lizzie’s family, who are considered witch royalty. They currently own a cafe on the Faelan Werewolf Reservation and perform psychic readings on the side.

During the adventures of the first book, some people in town learned that Lizzie and Belle may be more than they led the reservation council to believe, including Lizzie’s new love interest, ranger Aiden O’Connor. They thought they were still safe, until Lizzie is awakened by church bells during the witching hour and can sense the evil, vengeful presence of a soul eater on the hunt. As the body count climbs, Lizzie’s life and business are put in peril. But the biggest threat is an outside witch brought in to hunt the soul eater. He views Lizzie and Belle as a puzzle he needs to unscramble, which may lead her family right to their doorstep.

The Lizzie Grace series takes place in Australia, which is also where the author and narrator live. As such, there are some phrases that the average American wouldn’t hear on a daily basis, but Littrell says them so smoothly that you don’t have to stop and ponder the meaning. Littrell gives the narration of the book a more personal feel, like you're really listening to the story from Lizzie herself, which is something that I often feel is missing from audiobooks.

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--Danielle, Reference Librarian

Published by on October 08, 2020
Last Modified July 20, 2024