How to Be Fine by Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer

Jolenta and Kristen are the hosts of the funny and insightful podcast, By the Book.  In each episode, they read a chosen self-help book, spend two weeks living by the book’s guidelines, and then offer their opinions of the book’s premise.  When they had read and lived by 50 different books, they decided to write one of their own.  How to be Fine highlights what they learned from their experiment.  

Their book is divided into three sections: the good things they learned, the things that didn’t work at all or were actually harmful, and the advice they wish they had found in the book but did not.  Kristen and Jolenta are very candid in their critiques, pulling no punches when authors promote unhealthy ideas or perpetuate ugly stereotypes.  They are also very open about their own personal struggles and offer some excellent advice of their own about self-care.  

If you’re drawn to self-help titles, this is a great way to experience 50 books in one.  The authors distill the knowledge into the most important take-away ideas, while sharing their own experiences with a good deal of humor and compassion. It's a perfect read to start the new year!

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--Brandy, Cataloging Librarian

Published by on December 29, 2020
Last Modified June 19, 2024