How Not to Kill Your Houseplant by Veronica Peerless

Did you bond with your houseplants during the pandemic, but haven’t had any luck keeping your greenery green?  Then you may want to check out this user-friendly guide to caring for some of the most commonly grown houseplants.  This book begins with general potting guidelines, then arranges information for specific plants by type.  It outlines the basics on everything a plant needs to thrive in easily understood bullet points.  You’ll get details of light, temperature, soil, water and feeding along with tips on possible problem areas, such as disease and insect pests, without being overwhelmed by horticultural jargon.  Best of all, there are instructions for how to revive a failing plant, if you’re already in a pickle.

From ferns to philodendrons, Veronica Peerless provides novice indoor gardeners with all they need to know to keep their leafy friends happy and healthy.

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-Brandy, Cataloging Librarian

Published by on August 14, 2021
Last Modified October 02, 2023