Let's Talk About Love by Claire Kann

Alice is generally pretty happy. She has two best friends who are about to get married, a summer job at her local library, an undeclared college major, and a supportive if overbearing and judgmental family. But things get shaken up when she gets a new coworker, Takumi, who she is instantly attracted to. He's off-the-charts cute, smart, sweet, and funny, and he seems to like her back. There's just one problem-- Alice is asexual, and her previous attempts at relationships have all gone... badly.

Will Alice and Takumi get together? Will she stand up for herself with her family? Will she hold onto her friends as their lives all change? Read it to find out!

This is a charming book. Alice is a quirky and energetic main character who talks a mile a minute and is a joy to follow. She comes off as immature at times, and some of her references are a bit esoteric for those who aren't denizens of Tumblr, but even if those go over your head, there's a lot to like. Asexual characters are a rarity, and asexual characters with romantic arcs even more so, and non-white ones are rarest of all. This book is a gem, and if you're looking for a fresh experience and an unconventional romance, it's worth picking up.

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--Caroline, Reference Librarian

Published by on September 23, 2020
Last Modified November 29, 2022