Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Hercule Poirot, world-renowned Belgian detective, has just finished a case in the Middle East and is headed home on the luxurious Orient Express. In spite of the time of year, the train is strangely full. This becomes a problem when, while stranded in a snowdrift in Yugoslavia, the man in the compartment next to Poirot’s is murdered. With a train full of suspects and no way of contacting the police, Poirot must find the murderer before they escape justice.

Murder on the Orient Express is considered a classic of the mystery genre for a reason. Light on action, but heavy on twists and turns, this story keeps you gripped and guessing from start to finish. Thankfully, unlike some modern authors, Agatha Christie stories do not have to be read in order. Although this is the tenth Poirot book, he still receives a full introduction, allowing this to serve as a perfect first stop for a reader new to her works, as I was.

The audiobook version in particular is a treat. Narrated by actor Dan Stevens, each character is given a distinct voice, making the scenes really come to life, and, at only six hours long, the book is a quick listen. I easily recommend this to anyone who has wanted to give Christie a chance before, or to anyone who loves a good book.

Published by on October 03, 2019
Last Modified April 15, 2024