The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore

On the week before Christmas, in the sleepy little tourist town of Pine Cove, Santa is murdered. At least that’s what seven-year-old Josh sees happen. In reality, a guy in a Santa suit was having it out with his ex-wife and he fell onto a shovel and died. Not knowing that, Josh makes a desperate Christmas wish, for Santa to be alive again. And then a Christmas miracle happens. At least, that was the plan. Except that heaven's stupidest angel decides to grant his wish by raising Santa and everyone else buried in town from the grave... as brain-hungry zombies. Merry Christmas, Pine Cove! 

The premise of this book alone is fun enough to make it a worthwhile read. It’s Christopher Moore all the way through, by which I mean that it’s absolutely outrageous. From a schizophrenic broadsword-wielding babe to a pot-smoking ex-hippie sheriff to a helicopter pilot with a pet giant fruit bat, this book has a wild cast of characters and an irreverent sense of humor that may be a bit raunchy and over-the-top for some, but will leave others rolling on the floor. If you like your humor a little on the crass side, this is a Christmas classic that’s worth the read. For audiobook fans: This narrator does a terrific job with voices, and it’s a quick listen.

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--Caroline, Reference Librarian

Published by on December 16, 2020
Last Modified December 06, 2023