Thanks a Thousand by A.J. Jacobs

A.J. Jacobs found himself feeling petty and angry more often than grateful and content. So being the "human guinea pig" that he is, he decided to embark on a gratitude experiment to try to be more appreciative of the little things in his life. He started with his morning cup of coffee.

He decided to try to thank everyone who made his cup of coffee possible, from the baristas to the water sanitation workers to the coffee cup lid designers to the South American farmers. Altogether, he makes it his mission to thank one thousand people who contributed in some way to his daily cup of coffee.

This is an uplifting book that narrowly skirts coming off as cloying. By honestly contemplating whether the thank-ees appreciate his words or see them as a waste of their time, and by consulting experts about the difference between gratitude and complacency, he manages to keep the book on level ground. It's a quick read with a heartfelt premise, perfect for if you're looking for a sense of connection in this tumultuous time.

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Published by on June 15, 2020
Last Modified December 06, 2023