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Contribute your digital images to help us document life in contemporary Springfield and Sangamon County and preserve them for future generations. Images could be of rallies, festivals, stores, restaurants, houses of worship, street views, or parks, for example. The images will be searchable through our subject vertical files in the Sangamon Valley Collection.

Reason for project: We are trying to be proactive in collecting information that people in the future will want to know about Springfield. We want to make it easy for people to share their images with us. We also want to encourage people to go out and document the community.

How to contribute:

  1. Read the terms and conditions (below)
  2. Go to to upload your images (from phone or computer)
  3. Include the description (what/who, where, when) in the “message” section*
  4. Enter your email and send to

* This information is very important because it gives the library the information needed to make them accessible. Images without this information may not be kept.

If images are all of one event then one description is acceptable, otherwise please describe each image.

  • Description template (“Message” section)
  • Subject (who or what)
  • When photo was taken
  • Where
  • Your Name
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Terms & Conditions

By submitting your contribution, you grant Lincoln Library all title, property rights, and copy right to the images. This permission includes the right to modify your material to conform to the goals of the Project, to reformat it as necessary to preserve its perceptibility and usefulness, and to make it available for educational, research, and promotional purposes outside of the Project, in perpetuity and in all media formats. Due to transfer of copyright, Lincoln Library is positioned to “approve” requests from third parties to make use of content in the collection for commercial works (books, videos, website etc).

Material you submit must have been created by you, wholly original, and shall not be copied from or based upon any other photographic, literary, or other material, except to the extent that such material is in the public domain, or you have permission of the copyright owner, or its use is allowed by "Fair Use" as prescribed by the terms of United States copyright law (cf. Title 17 of the U.S. Code).

In granting this permission, you warrant that you are 18 years of age or older and have the full power and authority to consent to this agreement, that your submission does not infringe any existing copyright or contain any libelous matter, nor invade any third party rights of privacy or publicity. You further agree to defend and hold harmless Lincoln Library, its board of trustees, and its officers, employees, and agents against all claims, demands, costs, and expenses including attorney's fees incurred for any and all claims of copyright infringement or any other legal or regulatory course of action arising from the use of your material.

The Project has no obligation to use or publish your contribution.