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Until further notice, Lincoln Library has limited services available. Item pickup available through curbside service only. More information about curbside can be found here. Computer use is available by appointment only. More information is available here

Behavior Policy

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Behavior Policy 

Lincoln Library is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all patrons. Violations of these rules may result in being banned from library property, which includes both the library plaza and building. 

  • Lincoln Library patrons shall conform to all applicable federal, state, and local laws. 
  • Patrons under age 11 must be supervised at all times. Please refer to the Unattended Child Policy for more information. 
  • All patrons must be respectful of one another, volunteers, and library staff. Patrons’ behavior must not obstruct, threaten, harass, or disturb fellow patrons, volunteers, or staff. 
  • Furnishings, materials, and equipment shall be used for their intended function. Prolonged or habitual sleeping is not allowed inside the library. 
  • Personal items must stay with the guest at all times. Items must be able to fit under a table and must not impede others’ movement and access. Unattended property will be confiscated. 
  • Improper use of the restrooms is prohibited and includes but is not limited to bathing, shaving, or laundering. 
  • Drinks with spill-proof lids are allowed inside the library. Food will only be permitted pursuant to the Food Policy, which is available upon request. 
  • Patrons must wear shoes and be clothed above and below the waist at all times. 
  • Photography and video/voice recording on library property is only allowed pursuant to the library’s Audiovisual Policy, which is available upon request. 
  • Service animals are allowed in the building and must be kept under control by their handlers. No animals may be left unattended outside the library. 
  • Patrons with a strong odor of any kind that interferes with others’ use of the library may be asked to leave. 
  • The consumption or possession of alcohol and other intoxicants, legal or illegal, on library property is prohibited. 
  • Weapons are prohibited on library property. 


Approved by Lincoln Library board February 26, 2020

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