Guidelines for Suspension of Privileges

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It is Lincoln Library’s goal that all patrons remain in good standing with the library and enjoy full library privileges. When violations of the Lincoln Library Behavior Policy occur, however, staff can suspend privileges (in which a patron loses privileges for a period of time) or request an official trespass (in which law enforcement is called and a trespass citation is issued). These guidelines describe when and how suspensions are determined. 


Library management and security are authorized to issue a library suspension. In the absence of security or management, staff are empowered to issue suspensions. A patron may be immediately suspended without instruction or warning for one day or longer if they display aggressive, hostile, or unsafe behavior towards staff, patrons, or property. Police may be called to issue a trespassing citation for illegal activity such as making threats, damaging property, or theft. 

Library privileges may be suspended when an individual is engaged in any of the following observable behaviors: 

  • Non-threatening, but disruptive behavior; 
  • Inappropriate uses or abuses of library privileges; 
  • Non-compliance with the reasonable direction of staff as it relates to the Rules of Conduct and other library policies. 


Instruct, Warn, Suspend: For behavior that is not illegal or threatening, but disruptive When disruptive behavior is observed, staff will first instruct, then warn, and finally, suspend patrons. 

  • Instruct: The patron should first be informed that their behavior is inappropriate, then instructed to adjust their behavior. The patron should then be given a copy of the relevant policy and/or shown posted guidelines. Document the instruction. 
  • Warn: Remind the patron that they have been asked to stop, then warn them that if they do not stop the action or behavior, they will be asked to leave the library. Document the warning. 
  • Suspend: If the patron continues the action or behavior, staff will tell them that they have been asked twice to stop and that they will now have to leave the library. Suspension may be from one day to two years, depending on the seriousness of the behavior. Document the suspension. 


Length of Suspension Staff and security will consider the age of the guest and previous history when determining the period of suspension. 


A suspended individual may direct an appeal of the suspension, in writing, to the Director, within ten calendar days of the suspension notification. The suspended individual shall be advised of the meeting at which their written appeal will be considered. If the suspended individual is not satisfied with the Director’s written response, they may appeal in writing within ten calendar days of the date of the Director’s response letter to the Library Board of Trustees. The Board will consider the written appeal at its next regular meeting and the individual will receive a written notification of the Board’s decision within ten working days of the regular meeting at which the decision was made. 

Reinstatement of Privileges If a patron returns after a suspension and uses the library for a full year (from date of return) without any incidents, the patron will get a fresh start as if no incidents had occurred. 

Approved by Lincoln Library Board February 26, 2020 

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