Suspension of Library Privileges Policy

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Suspension of Library Privileges Policy

It is Lincoln Library’s goal that all patrons remain in good standing with the library and enjoy full library privileges. However, when violations of Lincoln Library policies occur, staff may suspend privileges (in which a patron loses privileges for a period of time) or request an official trespass (in which law enforcement is called and a trespass citation is issued).

Notice and Length of Suspension 

The number of warnings given prior to suspension and the length of suspension are determined by the Library Suspension Guidelines rubric, which takes into account the severity of the infraction as well as the patron’s previous history of policy infractions.


Any patron whose library privileges have been suspended may appeal the suspension by completing a Request for Reconsideration. The Library Director may, at his or her discretion, and after having reviewed the pertinent facts, reduce the penalty, rescind the penalty or reach any other compromise with the patron. If no compromise is reached, the Library Director shall appoint an ad hoc committee of three (3) staff members who have no involvement in the patron’s violation, one board member and the Library Director. The committee shall:

  • Take written or oral statements, at its discretion, from all parties with pertinent information. Retire to a closed session and determine, by majority vote, whether a preponderance of evidence indicates that the patron violated one or more library rules.
  • If the committee determines that the patron violated one or more library rules, the committee shall determine, by majority vote, the proper penalty.
  • Make a determination and file a report of its findings.

The Library Director shall enforce the findings of the committee and amend the patron’s file to reflect the findings. If the patron is not satisfied with the decision of the committee, he or she may seek appropriate legal redress.

Reinstatement of Privileges

If a patron returns after a suspension and uses the library for a full year (from date of return) without any incidents, the patron will get a fresh start as if no incidents had occurred. 

Approved by Lincoln Library Board April 2023 

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