The Anomaly by Michael Rutger

Nolan Moore hosts The Anomaly Files, a popular web video series exploring the mysteries of the unexplained. Needing to attract funding and make the jump to network television, he and a small crew venture to the Grand Canyon for what they hope will be an impressive find. Nolan believes he has deduced the location of a legendary cave containing pictographs and statuary unlike any yet found in North America. Nolan locates the cave and it holds far more than rock paintings and dusty effigies. He accidentally sets into motion an ancient eldritch process and discovers a conspiracy which may threaten us all.

This is a quick moving suspenseful read that serves its claustrophobic horror with a side of humor. If you enjoyed the X-Files, this book may be for you. A second book in The Anomaly Files series, The Possession, is due to be published in July 2019.

Published by on July 01, 2019
Last Modified December 03, 2022