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Devolution by Max Brooks

Amidst the settling ash and chaos following the eruption  of Mount Rainier, there is a massacre of a nearby community. Built to be eco-friendly and self-sufficient, Greenloop is already considered “off-the-grid living,” but in the aftermath of the eruption, the tiny town is even more cut off from the rest of Washington. So when, fleeing the fires, a group of Bigfoot – that’s right, BIGFOOT – descend upon the community, all Hell breaks loose.

The Anomaly by Michael Rutger

Nolan Moore hosts The Anomaly Files, a popular web video series exploring the mysteries of the unexplained. Needing to attract funding and make the jump to network television, he and a small crew venture to the Grand Canyon for what they hope will be an impressive find. Nolan believes he has deduced the location of a legendary cave containing pictographs and statuary unlike any yet found in North America. Nolan locates the cave and it holds far more than rock paintings and dusty effigies.