I, Eliza Hamilton by Susan Holloway Scott

In the last several years, Alexander Hamilton has reentered our popular culture thanks in large part to Ron Chernow’s biography of the man as well as Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical. A great deal is known about Alexander, but what about his wife? Susan Holloway Scott has written a fictional account of the life and times of the Hamiltons, but in this case, it is all from the perspective of Eliza, his wife. Readers are taken through the Revolutionary War to post-war times and beyond. Eliza is the central figure in the story, and it is through her that the reader is shown the ups and downs of her life but also her strength of character.

Right from the very beginning, the story truly draws the reader in with this fresh perspective, and the momentum to want to read more never wavers as the reader becomes more and more invested in the characters. I, Eliza Hamilton is a highly recommended historical fiction novel. Check out one of our e-book or e-audiobook copies through Overdrive or Hoopla!

Published by on April 13, 2020
Last Modified October 19, 2021