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Yellow Wife by Sadeqa Johnson

Pheby Delores Brown lives in the year 1850. She was born on a plantation in Virginia, the daughter of the plantation owner Jacob Bell and Ruth (who was a slave there). She was given opportunities that most African American slaves did not receive because it was against the law.

Unseen City by Amy Shearn

Meg Rhys is a textbook example of a “spinster librarian”. In her forties, she spends most of her time in the local history stacks of the Brooklyn Public Library, and the rest of the time living hermetically in her apartment with her dead sister’s cat and her dead sister’s ghost, staunchly resistant to any suggestions of change. Enter Ellis Williams, a charming library patron seeking assistance in figuring out whether his family’s home might have a ghost of its own.

The Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn

The Bridgerton family is well-known in Regency London society; eight siblings, named in alphabetical order, each handsome and beautiful and full of personality. Each book in the series follows a sibling as they (willingly or unwillingly) find their true love. If you’re a fan of soapy romance, period dramas, or Jane Austen, you’ll surely find a story to love in this series.

An Offer From a Gentleman by Julia Quinn

Sophie Beckett, an illegitimate daughter of an earl, plays servant to her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. One night, Sophie sneaks out to attend a masquerade ball at the house of the Bridgertons, a wealthy, popular family within London society. When she meets Benedict Bridgerton, they quickly become enchanted with one another during the magical evening. But when the clock strikes midnight, Sophie disappears, leaving Benedict with no clue what she looks like or who she is.

I, Eliza Hamilton by Susan Holloway Scott

In the last several years, Alexander Hamilton has reentered our popular culture thanks in large part to Ron Chernow’s biography of the man as well as Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical. A great deal is known about Alexander, but what about his wife? Susan Holloway Scott has written a fictional account of the life and times of the Hamiltons, but in this case, it is all from the perspective of Eliza, his wife. Readers are taken through the Revolutionary War to post-war times and beyond.