Ironfoot by Dave Duncan

Ironfoot is the first book in the Enchanter General series by Dave Duncan. It takes place in 12th century Norman-ruled England, an especially bad time to be a a poor, crippled, Saxon youth. But such is the lot of our hero, Durwin, nicknamed Ironfoot for the metal boot he wears to support an injured leg. By chance, his cleverness and competency with horses earns him a place as a student at a university which teaches the art of magic along with the sciences. When catastrophe befalls a professor’s noble family, Durwin is called upon to accompany him home. While at the castle, he uncovers a string of murders and the burden of solving them falls upon his shoulders. He needs all his wits, luck with his spellwork, and the aid of the school bully to solve them.

This book would appeal to those who enjoy historical mysteries as well as fantasy readers. The setting is quite historically detailed, with just a little bit of magic thrown in. It should be interesting to follow Durwin’s career from lower-class stable-boy to Enchanter General as the series continues. The next book, Trial by Treason just came out in October 2018.

Published by on January 14, 2019
Last Modified June 07, 2023