Irene and Mildred Garvey: Items Related to Their Lives and Travels, 1903 – 1992

Florence Irene Garvey (1903-1993) and Frances Mildred Garvey (1904-1983) were born in Kansas and their father and grandfather were in the land and cattle business in Illinois. The collection includes photos, real estate and financial documents, and travel memorabilia kept by the two sisters. Letters written by Irene and Mildred to their parents during their school years are a wonderful reflection of the time period. The collection contains several items pertaining to the construction of their house (1026 Williams Blvd) by architects Helmle and Helmle, as well as papers related to their extensive travels (mainly in Asia) and involvement in the Springfield Civic Garden Club. Also of interest are items related to Susan Lawrence, including an inventory of Susan’s possessions, stationery from Susan’s second husband, Lawrence Joergen Dahl, and photos of Irene wearing Susan’s dresses.