Stout Family

The Stout family was one of the early pioneer families to settle in Sangamon County. Philemon Stout Sr., his wife Penelope and their children arrived here in 1836 from Kentucky and settled in Ball Township on land purchased from Alexander Jones. 

The family members were farmers and over time acquired large land holdings in the county.

Philemon Stout Jr. became a prominent farmer and landowner. He was married to Louisa P. Brasfield. On August 18,1898, he held a “historic dinner” to commemorate his 62 years in the county. The dinner was attended by nearly 4,000 people and required large amounts of food. Many Stout descendants still reside in Sangamon County.

The materials in this collection consist mainly of deeds for land purchased in Ball and Woodside Townships by members of the Stout family, notably Philemon Stout, Jr. and his son Joab. Other items include an 1834 doctor’s bill form Philemon Stout Sr.’s mother, two copy books from members of the Brasfield family, a copy of the will of Benjamin Stout, grandfather of Philemon Stout Sr., and a document naming Benjamin Stout’s wife Mary and his eldest son Jediah as executors of his estate. A bill from George S. Connelly grocers for the August 18, 1898 historic dinner, correspondence, and the record book of the Sugar Creek Baptist Church make up the rest of the collection.