Third Presbyterian Church Springfield, Illinois

On February 7, 1849, the Presbytery of Sangamon met in a called meeting to consider the petition of forty-four men and women, who had been granted certificates of dismissal by the First Presbyterian Church, so they could organize a new congregation. The petition was granted, and the Reverend Thomas Galt was appointed to proceed with the organization of the new church. A meeting was held on the evening of the same day. The name chosen was The Third Presbyterian Church, and three ruling elders were elected: Asahel Stone, James L. Lamb, and Edmund R. Wiley. A call was extended to the Reverend R. V. Dodge of Terre Haute, Indiana to serve as Pastor.

In the course of the next few months a commodious sanctuary was built at the northwest corner of Sixth and Monroe. In 1873 a frame building was built at the northeast corner of Sixth and North Grand. In 1890 the church at Seventh and Bergen was built.

The collection includes church service programs from the 1930s-1960s (mostly 1960s) and “The Third Presbyterian Beacon” newsletter 1961-1971.