USS Springfield Collection

Dr. Temple was the director of the Commissioning Committee for the USS Springfield Submarine. Springfield, Illinois and Springfield, Massachusetts are the namesakes for the USS Springfield submarine. The USS Springfield (SSN 761) was launched on January 4, 1992 at Groton, Connecticut. It was the fourth Navy ship to be named for Springfield. The Springfield is a Los Angeles class, a nuclear-powered attack submarine. They have the mission to hunt down enemy submarines as well as surface ships. General Dynamics built this vessel. The Springfield was commissioned January 9, 1993.

The collection includes materials related to Wayne Temple’s involvement with the USS Springfield submarine. It includes operational documents, correspondence, meeting materials, and publicity for the USS Springfield Commissioning Committee, souvenirs from the USS Springfield launch in 1992, newspaper articles about the USS Springfield, and correspondence to and from Wayne Temple regarding donations to the ship and the Horseshoe sandwich.