Virginia Prince and Family Collection

Virginia Prince (1888-1934) was the daughter of Dr. Arthur Prince of the Prince Sanitarium in Springfield. The family was prominent in Jacksonville. She attended Springfield High School. Virginia Prince served with the YMCA under the American Expeditionary Forces from November 1918 to July 1919. She earned a degree in landscape architecture from Lowthorpe School of Landscape Architecture for Women in Groton, MA in the 1920s. She had offices in Springfield and Indianapolis. She designed landscapes for Springfield homes, the Alvin Keys House at 1700 Outer Park Drive, the H. Langdon Robinson House at 1801 W Lawrence in Becker Woods, the Booth and Thomas Model House on Illini Road, and 1809 Wiggins, Roger Chapin, Edwards Place, one for her brother in Swathmore, PA, and another in Indianapolis are known.  She was a member of the Progress Circle of King’s Daughters and the Springfield Art Association. She died in a car accident at age 46 October 26, 1934. She is buried in Jacksonville.

Arthur Edward Prince (1854-1930) was born in Jacksonville to David and Lucy Prince. Arthur, known as “A.E.” specialized in eye, ear, nose and throat ailments and was recognized for some innovative eye-disease treatments. Drs. Arthur and John Prince, brothers, opened the David Prince Sanitarium in Springfield in 1890 as a center for general surgery and eye, ear, nose and throat treatment.

Materials related to Virginia Prince’s service with the YMCA and American Expeditionary Forces 1918-1919, course catalogs Lowthorpe School, Groton, MA, Christmas cards from Virginia Prince, and Virginia’s landscape design plans for properties. A sketchbook (with photos) made by Virginia Prince of English and French Gardens 1924. The collection also includes a letter of credit from the First National Bank of Chicago 1879, travel passport and visa, and licensing certificate from Illinois State Board of Health of Dr. Arthur Prince, Virginia’s father.