Athens Woman’s Club Collection

The Athens Twentieth Century Club was organized November 1904 and joined the state federation in 1906. The object of the Twentieth Century Club was “literary research and social enjoyment.” (1908 Constitution) It became the Athens Woman’s Club in 1922.The object of the Athens Woman’s Club was “mutual improvement and promotion of the higher social and moral conditions.” (1928 Constitution) The 2001-2002 year booklet named the object of the organization as “education, elucidation and entertaining the community and ourselves.”
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American Association of University Women-Springfield Chapter

In 1906 the National Association of Collegiate Alumnae granted a charter to Springfield to form a branch. They had their first meeting in 1907. The organization became the American Association of University Women in 1921.
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Junior League of Springfield Collection

Women founded the Service League of Springfield in 1939. It became the Junior League of Springfield in 1950. The collection includes organization yearbooks 1950s-2000s, board, financial, and committee materials from the 1960s and 1980s, newspaper clippings about the organization and their events and projects, programs, photos, and newspaper clippings related to their Follies event 1940s-1980s, New Salem Tour program materials 1960s, Lincoln sites tour program materials 1960s, newspaper clippings and correspondence related to the Lincoln Home area and the Survey and Plan.
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Lincoln Memorial Garden and Nature Center

The collection includes materials related to the operation of Lincoln Memorial Garden-correspondence, grounds notebook, committee reports, and maintenance plans, Administrators reports, Annual reports and meeting minutes, treasurers reports and financial records, photos, history and bylaws, newspaper clippings, event calendars, and items related Harriet Knudson and garden development.
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