Susan E. Wilcox Collection

Susan E. Wilcox was born in May of 1866 or 1867. She graduated from Springfield High School in 1884 and from Wellesley College in 1887. Her teaching career began at Springfield High School in 1888 and ended with her retirement in 1935. After first teaching a variety of courses in the arts and sciences, she joined the English department which she guided to national prominence through the advanced methods of education she implemented and was also largely responsible for the development of the high school library. Miss Wilcox was Vachel Lindsay’s teacher and mentor. She played an important role as a civic leader, being a strong supporter of the creation of Lake Springfield and the City Water Light and Power Department. She died on July 21, 1943. Wilcox School was dedicated in 1967.

The collection contains her poems, two short stories, a playet, essays, correspondence, and family information. Also included are a number of Christmas cards that she made each year, in which included poems and original artwork.