Who's New Club Collection

The Who’s New club organized in 1940 through the adult education committee of the YWCA with the intent of making newcomers to Springfield feel at home. They felt there was a need for this club since the Newcomers Club was so large they could not include women over forty. The club held monthly luncheons and bridge and evening events with their husbands. The creation of scrapbooks was mandated in their bylaws. The last mention of the Who’s New Club in the State Journal-Register is in 1989 and last correspondence in collection is from 1991. 

The collection consists of four scrapbooks covering the 1950s-1980s including the organization’s bylaws and history, newspaper clippings about the club’s activities and its members, and in the last scrapbook-photos. There is also a folder of correspondence to the club 1989-1991.