150 Capital Years – Springfield Sesquicentennial Collection

The collection includes information about the April 6th celebration including logistics, call for and certificates of appreciation from Mayor Ossie Langfelder to the photographers for the 150 Capital Years book, submission/description forms for the photographs, newspaper, newsletter, and magazine articles about the Sesquicentennial, correspondence with the US Postal Service and envelopes, Springfield history research, the official logo, commissioned artwork, and finances.
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1976 Bicentennial Celebration Collection

This collection includes materials from the Capital Bicentennial Commission in Springfield, the Illinois Bicentennial Commission, and the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration.
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Lincoln Memorial Garden and Nature Center

The collection includes materials related to the operation of Lincoln Memorial Garden-correspondence, grounds notebook, committee reports, and maintenance plans, Administrators reports, Annual reports and meeting minutes, treasurers reports and financial records, photos, history and bylaws, newspaper clippings, event calendars, and items related Harriet Knudson and garden development.
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Menard County Home Bureau / Homemakers Extension Collection

In 1921 home bureaus in 24 counties organized the Home Bureau Federation. The Menard County-Cass Home Bureau was organized in 1937. The Menard County Home Bureau organized in 1945 and the name was changed to The Menard County Homemakers Extension Association in 1962.
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