Commission on International Visitors

The Springfield Commission on International Visitors was organized in 1962 as a not-for-profit, volunteer organization to assist the increased number of international visitors coming to the city of Springfield. Members of the commission were appointed by the mayor. The commission was responsible for the scheduling of local programs for the visitors while in Springfield, including Lincoln site visits. The purpose was to provide visitors with professional, community and family experiences which lend insights into all aspects of American life. The goal of the program was to increase mutual understanding between people of the United States and other countries. Mrs. Annabelle Patton was the first chairman of the Commission. As of 2017 the Commission was still active.

The collection includes establishment materials, meeting minutes, workshop materials, histories of international visitor guidance in Springfield, newspaper articles, correspondence to Commission Chair, Annabelle Patton, and transcripts of oral histories of Commission members by Sangamon State University. It includes a key to the city of Springfield presented to Annabelle Patton. Visitor itineraries and background information, 1991 through 1995 are in four binders.