150 Capital Years – Springfield Sesquicentennial Collection

The collection includes information about the April 6th celebration including logistics, call for and certificates of appreciation from Mayor Ossie Langfelder to the photographers for the 150 Capital Years book, submission/description forms for the photographs, newspaper, newsletter, and magazine articles about the Sesquicentennial, correspondence with the US Postal Service and envelopes, Springfield history research, the official logo, commissioned artwork, and finances.
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Citizens Tribune Newspaper v. John Hunter

This collection contains materials from the files of J.R. Fitzpatrick, owner of the Citizens Tribune, relating to the lawsuit the Tribune filed against the Commissioner of Public Property for the City of Springfield, John Hunter in 1950.
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Commission on International Visitors

The collection includes establishment materials, meeting minutes, workshop materials, newspaper articles, correspondence, oral histories, and a key to the city of Springfield presented to Commission Chair Annabelle Patton.
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Illinois Association of Minorities in Government Collection

The collection includes Illinois Association of Minorities in Government newsletters, conference programs, and explanations about the organization from the 2000s.
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