150 Capital Years – Springfield Sesquicentennial Collection

April 6, 1990 was the 150th anniversary of Springfield becoming a city. There was a celebration at the Armory. Specially-designed envelopes, containing an official Sesquicentennial proclamation, were sold at local post offices. The City of Springfield had a call for artists seeking a work that would commemorate Springfield’s 150th year as an incorporated City. A book called 150 Capital Years was created from submissions from amateur and professional photographers‘ images of Springfield on April 6, 1990.

The collection includes information about the April 6th celebration including logistics, call for and certificates of appreciation from Mayor Ossie Langfelder to the photographers for the 150 Capital Years book, submission/description forms for the photographs, newspaper, newsletter, and magazine articles about the Sesquicentennial, correspondence with the US Postal Service and envelopes, Springfield history research, the official logo, commissioned artwork, and finances.